1-Wire Wifi Sensor

I have finally reached a nice milestone in my 1-wire sensor board development: a small (50 x 50 mm), battery powered wifi board is able to send measurement data to Amazon AWS IOT.

The board is designed with KiCad and manufactured by Seeedstudio. This is actually my first board using surface-mounted components and also my first board designed with KiCad. I was very surprised that the board actually worked (no smoke at all) after putting it together using a cheap reflow oven bought from ebay.

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Thermometer with EMW3165

Old thermometer broken by the Cat

This project started when our cat decided that playing with our thermometer is a good idea. Obviously, the thing looks enough like mouse with tail, at least when looked with cat’s eyes. The play with it ended very quickly and result was broken cable between display and sensor.The easiest way to fix this would obviously be buying a new 10€ device from local hardware store. But as I already have a weather station running on top of garage roof I started thinking that it would be nice just to display temperature from there.

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