Temperature logging for household composting system. Condition inside composter is measured with a small device containing NRF52832 bluetooth board and DS1820 sensor. Device runs with two 1.5 V lithium batteries.

The composter looks like this, it is a standard Biolan model.

Sensor log:

  • Batteries have been installed 19.3.2012
  • Batteries have been replaced 14.11.2012. Replaced also sensor board because one capacitor was damaged by water that somehow got into case.
  • Batteries replaced 4.2.2014. Sensor board replaced with new one as old one started suddenly sucking more current than expected.
  • Batteries replaced 12.1.2017.
  • 8.1.2023: Replaced old Olimex CC430 board with NRF52832 board so this is bluetooth now.