WiFiMCU / EMW3165

After experimenting with EMW3162 module, I discovered about EMW3165. It is pretty much similar to EMW3162, but has Cortex-M4 cpu and extra 2Mb spi flash chip. It is also $2 cheaper than EMW3162.wifimcu

I bought some EMW3165 modules, but those seem a little bit challenging to solder on development board or breakout boards (someone mentioned those on emw3165.com). To ease my initial efforts with this module, I ended up in purchasing WifiMCU board from ebay. It plugs nicely to breadboard and has also one usart from module wired to USB-serial converter chip.

WifiMCU has lua firmware inside it. However, it is possible to attach standard SWD dongle to it (I used Segger’s J-Link) for reflashing and debugging.

While testing, I did some polishing for wiced-driver library – platform files from WICED-for-EMW are now used as-is without any patching. The test application is the same one I used for previous module, it is available at github.

This is a great module for building … something.

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